An Assessment of the Sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush

What's different about this brush?

The Sonicare HealthyWhite differs from the entry level Sonicare toothbrush (the Xtreme and the Essence) in 2 important ways;

  • The HealthyWhite uses the more recently designed "ProResults" brush heads. These are clip-on heads that are faster to change out than the e-series heads on the Xtreme and the Essence. They are also a little cheaper than the e-series heads.

  • The HealthyWhite has a Lithium-Ion battery instead of the Nickel-Cadmium battery used in the Essence. The Lithium-ion battery is smaller, lighter, and doesn't suffer from memory effect compared to the battery of the less expensive Essence brush. This means that the HealthyWhite handle is smaller, neater and lighter to hold in your hand, and the battery doesn't need charging as often. A "win - win situation"!

In addition, the HealthyWhite toothbrush comes in two versions, with slightly different software packs. They have been given the model numbers 732 and the 710. This means that they have slightly different brushing programs that decide the speed of the brush and how long the brushing period lasts for.

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Sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush

There is also the Sonicare HealthyWhite PLUS. In my opinion, the PLUS is over-priced, offering only some additional brushing programs. The "Clean and White" program on the standard Sonicare HealthyWhite is great, and doesn't need any improvement!.

My Recommendation? No question, the standard Sonicare HealthyWhite 710 model offers easily the best performance for price! Check out the BEST PRICE at Amazon:

What this boils down to is, the 732 model has an extra, reduced-power "Sensitive" mode, in addition to the standard "Clean" and "Clean And White" programs .

Both versions of the HealthyWhite use the normal Sonicare-patented technology, giving 31,000 vibrations per minute. Sonicare claims that this can break up plaque almost 3mm away from the end of the bristle tips!

The HealthyWhite has 3 settings;

1. Clean

2. Sensitive (only on the 732 model)

3. Clean and White.

The first option, "Clean", is the standard Full Power setting. This gives you the 31,000 vibrations per minute in the bristle tips.

The second option, "Sensitive", (only on the 732) uses reduced power, for people with sensitive teeth or gums. This is a significant reduction in power, and will not be quite as effective in removing plaque.

The third option, "Clean and White", gives 2 minutes of normal full-power "Clean" action, followed by 30 seconds of a special sonic action that Philips claims can remove staining better. You are supposed to use this on your visible front teeth.

The 710 comes with one brush head and the normal charger that doubles as a base station, as well as a compact travel charger.

The 732 comes with 2 brush heads and a travel case in addition to the multi-voltage travel charger.

Both Sonicare HealthyWhite brushes have Sonicare's Easy Start function, as well as the SmartTimer and QuadPacer features. I feel that the 2 minute time period of the Smart Timer is a little too short for most people. I believe that brushing for 6 - 8 minutes is much more effective.

My advice - forget the timer; 2 minutes is not enough time. Aim for 6 to 8 minutes of slow, careful brushing!

Phillips claims that the HealthyWhite brush offers better stain removal than other Sonicare brushes. This applies when you use the "Clean and White" setting.

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Remember to change the brush heads every 6 - 8 weeks. Phillips recommends every 12 weeks, but I think that is WAY too long. The bristles start to lose their flexibility and do not work as well. AND, there is a gradual build-up of bacteria on the brush head!

Make sure you get the correct ProResults brush head. You can read more about this at my sonicare replacement brushes page.

You will always get the best price on replacement brush heads at Amazon; just click HERE to see their page for Sonicare HealthyWhite replacement brush heads. (Both versions use the ProResults heads).

This is an interesting Sonicare toothbrush that offers a different brushing program than the other Phillips models such as the FlexCare.

My advice? If you are going to use the "Clean and White" setting - which is the whole point of getting the Sonicare HealthyWhite - then run the program through two times, back-to-back. That will get you around 5 minutes of brushing, and TWO goes on "White" mode for your front teeth!

If you're looking for an alternative SONIC toothbrush, I strongly recommend the Cybersonic3 Sonic Care toothbrush. Read my review of this brush here. This brush offers amazing value for the performance IF YOU USE MY SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE!