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By dentist Dr. Richard Mitchell

When you have a dental problem or question, reliable dental health advice can be hard to find.

Which websites can you trust? Who wrote them?

Often, the dental qualifications of the writer aren't obvious. And sadly, I've come across many websites giving dental health advice and information that's just plain wrong. They have been written by people with little dental training, or worse, no dental training at all! It's just their own personal opinions - and THAT can be dangerous.

I can say this in all truth... because I'm a dentist myself!

My name is Dr Richard Mitchell. I've been a dentist since 1979, working in the United Kingdom, Barbados, Germany, Australia and Spain. That means I have almost 40 years of experience in general dentistry - I've seen it all. Click here for more about me...

I am now living and working in Spain, registered with the Almeria Dental Board.

If you look at the Navigation Menu on the left side of this screen, (on a mobile device the Menu is at the top of this page), you will find the main areas that I have divided the website into. If you can't find what you are looking for, just use the Search box at the top right side of this page!

Dental Health Advice from a dentist.

Over the past 40 years of dentistry I have seen EVERYTHING in the 5 countries that I have worked in. I've written this website to give honest and reliable dental advice, that doesn't depend on you being a patient of mine. This website offers SAFE, impartial and straightforward advice all about teeth, gums, jaws, and more. . . . I also want to explain my knowledge as simply as I can... what better way than online?

I have recently added 3 new pages to this website,  titled;

Check them out to take a short cut to the most common questions I get, and to discover which myths have an element of truth in them!

I have also recently written a page about the link connecting gum disease to Alzheimers disease.  Read about it HERE.

This risk of developing Alzheimers if you have gum problems is being researched by several universities around the world. Eric Reynolds at the University of Melbourne and Caroline Genco at Tufts University in Massachusetts are working on vaccines that may prevent the gum-disease bacteria getting started.

The British magazine New Scientist has also reported more recently on the bacteria involved in gum disease being responsible for a host of other health issues. This may well end up becoming  extremely important.

I have recently discovered research that proves that certain Aloe Vera products can dramatically speed up healing and reduce infection and inflammation. This is useful when you have had a tooth taken out, or dental implants put in. You can read all about this discovery at  Best Aloe Vera Products

On my website I've tried to cover ALL the questions that my patients frequently ask me. I have found that people are generally interested in just 3 things when it comes to teeth:

  • They want their teeth to look nice
  • They want to be able to chew comfortably and effectively
  • They want any dental treatment they may need to be painless.

Actually, there's a 4th one too!

  • They don't want dental treatment to be too expensive!

Quite a few people are terrified of the thought of visiting a dentist - here's a link to my page about Dental Surgery Phobia for nervous patients and those with a dental phobia. There's information about how to deal with a dental phobia, options for treatment, and links to dental hypnosis downloads. In my experience over 40 years, dental hypnosis is THE BEST solution to fear and apprehension when faced with a visit to the dentist. So check out that page on Dental Phobia!

A lot of people contact me for advice about pain and swelling after getting a tooth extracted or having a dental implant put in. So my latest pages have a lot of information about the various types of Lower Jaw Pain,


Pain After Tooth Extraction. I am sure that that those pages will be of help to those folk seeking information about possible causes of pain in the jaw bones, particularly after a tooth extraction. This is where a good-quality aloe vera product can really help.

I've ALSO written about things that affect how your teeth LOOK, (cosmetic dentistry), such as tooth whitening AND cosmetic veneers.

cosmetic veneerscosmetic dentist veneers

I've written some pages on this website about things that can cause problems with chewing, such as dental infections and wisdom teeth.

There are also pages about all about dentures, migraine headaches, and mercury-amalgam fillings.

dental health advice

I am here to give you the straight and honest dental health advice that you need to make the best decisions about your dental health. I want to provide the information you need so that you can ask your dentist the right questions, and make informed decisions about your dental health.

I have now set up my personal, one-to-one consulting service, to answer your clinical dental questions. If you have a personal clinical problem that you would like my opinion on, just go to Ask The Dentist to find out more about this service, and how to ask your question.

Most times, I can put your mind at rest about an issue or a treatment you may have had recently. Other times, I give a "second opinion", and contradict what the patient's own dentist has said! So don't hesitate to ask your question.

Just click on Ask The Dentist and let me know what's bothering you.

In the rest of this website I've covered lots of other topics, such as:

  • How to choose the best toothbrush
  • How to get a painless shot
  • All about root canal treatment (and why it doesn't have to hurt...)
  • What a dead tooth is
  • How to decide on an implant or a bridge to replace a missing tooth
  • And much more. 

Just look on the menu at the left of your screen, or else type into the Search Box at the top of the page.

If you have any general questions or comments, just use the contact me link, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can about any general questions to do with the website. 

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