About Me - Who Wrote This Stuff?

Hi there!


My name is Richard Mitchell, and this page is ABOUT ME! I'm trying to help people get truthful information about their teeth.

Quite a lot of dental articles on the internet and in print are written by people with little or no dental training.

Needless to say, they just repeat the same old wives' tales and myths. For most folks out there, it can be hard to figure out what's true and what is false.

Those that DO have dental training are often reluctant to "tell it like it is", in case they get into trouble with their registration authority. Dentists DO tend to stick together and cover up for each other. Not here!

About Me

I'm originally a British dentist, with over 30 years experience in dental practice. I graduated in December 1979, and I don't know where the last 35 years went!

I took up running 3 years ago, and have completed 6 full Marathons, in Honolulu, Hawai'i; Sevilla, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria; Barcelona, Spain; and most recently Big Sur in California. I am also trying the new sport of SwimRun, with events in Croatia, Switzerland and Italy. I have really enjoyed the SwimRun events, and have even started another website about it! Check it out at SwimRun Advice

Maybe time has flown because I really enjoy my job, and have always wanted to travel, to see what it's like to work in different countries. Since I graduated, I've been lucky enough to live and work in 5 countries. Time flies when you're having fun.

Me working with a patient

I started in the United Kingdom, where I worked at Manchester Dental Hospital for a while. Then I made the switch to general practice. But after a few years, my feet were getting itchy. I wanted to see what life was like outside the U.K.!

So I moved to Barbados, and I worked in private practice. This was my first experience of a healthcare system in another country. It was very different to the U.K., and I realized that the quality of dental treatment often depended on how that treatment was paid for.

After working as an employee for 5 years, I wanted to run my own business. An opportunity came up in Nuremberg, Germany, so I moved there in 1985, and I spent the next 9 years in general dental practice. This was a fun time. I learned a lot by attending courses in Germany and Switzerland. And of course we had the chance to travel around Europe.

Me at work in my practice

Then I set my sights further afield, and in 1994 I moved to Australia. Another country, another system of healthcare! I lived just outside Brisbane, and I worked in several different dental offices. I loved the climate, but missed certain things "european". So after 7 years in the sun I looked for somewhere in Europe with a warm climate . . .

...and moved to Spain. This has been a great move - it's the "Florida of Europe"!

Over the years, I have seen a lot of dental "myths" and bad information, both in print and on the internet. I want to do something about that, and so I've started writing this website. It's not supposed to be a full and complete guide to everything in dentistry.

INSTEAD, I am writing about the things that my real life patients ask me about. So the topics I cover may look a little random, but hopefully they will help the greatest number of people.

Here's a link to how I discovered SBI, the service that helped me build this site; SBI review

Distraction area in my practice
The "distraction area" in my practice... we play classical music on a valve amplifier, have a lovely book of photos, scented oils, and a Tassimo coffee machine! There is also a working model of a strandbeest (just add wind!) and a digital photo display with constantly changing images. This helps to create a calming atmosphere and take people's minds away from dentistry.

Beach near my practice
The beach in Calpe, 2 minutes walk from my practice - not a bad location!