Which Oral B Tooth Brush and Braun Electric Toothbrush Do I Recommend?

To be honest, I think that ALL oral B tooth brush products are good. But I do have a couple of personal favorites! Any Oral B tooth brush is always a safe buy.

By the way, Oral B is actually owned by Braun, and in most countries the products are actually marketed as Braun/Oral-B.

Any Oral B brush will be a reliable buddy to help you to keep your teeth clean. But you have a choice of brushes, depending on your personal preferences!

For a NORMAL MANUAL toothbrush, I like the Oral B Advantage. It has a nice small head, soft bristles, and a comfortable handle grip. I used to use one myself every day as my regular brush, until I switched to a Braun electric brush.

Although I am comfortable using either a manual brush OR an electric brush, I find that most of my patients DO BETTER with a powered brush such as any Braun/Oral B electric toothbrush.

Recommended toothbrush

Cybersonic Toothbrush

Although Oral-B brushes are all good, MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION is definitely the Cybersonic 3 Sonic toothbrush. Click HERE to learn more about this toothbrush, and to get your special HALF PRICE DISCOUNT CODE at manufacturer Amden.

Remember, I am a dentist, so I know exactly how to brush and floss, and I spend over 10 minutes doing it, morning and night! So I can "get away" with using a manual brush if I feel like it.

I don't have a personal preference; I don't mind which I use, but I'm prepared to spend the time and effort that a manual brush requires, if I happen to be using a manual brush!

However, in my opinion, nearly everyone who isn't a dentist (or a dental hygienist) will do better with a powered brush.

Oral B Tooth Brush and Braun Electric Toothbrush

I think that the Oral B Vitality tooth brush is a great low-cost brush.

oral b tooth brush

It is available in two models:

  • The Vitality Deep Sweep
  • and the Vitality Sensitive Clean.

These are both rechargeable electric toothbrushes. They come with a small charging unit that also acts as a docking station.

Oral B Brush head

They both have a small-sized brush head that rotates back-and-forth in a very effective cleaning action.

Both these toothbrushes have been proven to clean your teeth better than a manual brush! In fact, two minutes with an Oral-B Vitality toothbrush can remove as much plaque as 6 minutes with a manual brush. (Unless you're a dentist!)

The brushes come with a 2 minute timer, so you can keep track of how long you have been brushing, and also a soft rubberized ergonomic handle. Remember, I always recommend brushing for LONGER than the basic 2 minutes. I think that 4 or even 6 minutes is MUCH better!

So what's the difference between the two versions?


The Oral B Vitality Deep Sweep has a standard brush head, (the FlexiSoft), with slightly softer and shorter bristles in the centre.

The Sensitive Clean brush head (the ExtraSoft) has even softer bristles. These are gentler on your gums, but you need to spend a bit more time to make up for the softer bristles.

You need to replace the brush heads regularly. I recommend changing them every 6 to 8 weeks.

Toothbrush manufacturers usually recommend changing your brush every 12 weeks. I think that's too long. The bristles start to lose flexibility and do not work as well after a few weeks. Also, you start to get a build-up of bacteria on the brush head. The best replacement heads are the Oral B Vitality Deep Sweep brush head refills.

ANY Oral B tooth brush is a good brush. If you prefer a MANUAL brush, and are prepared to spend the time it takes, then the Oral B Advantage is my recommendation.

If you prefer a powered toothbrush such as a Braun/Oral B electric toothbrush, then I recommend the Oral B Vitality Deep Sweep.

REMEMBER, if you're looking for a great toothbrush and don't mind spending a little more than the Oral B Vitality, my personal recommendation would be the Cybersonic 3 Sonic toothbrush. Read my review of this brush HERE, and get your special discount code for a HALF PRICE DEAL from Cybersonic manufacturer, Amden.