Which Oral B Tooth Brush
Do I Recommend?

By dentist Dr. Richard Mitchell

To be honest, I think that ALL oral B tooth brush products are good. But I do have a couple of personal favorites! Any Oral B tooth brush is always a safe buy.

By the way, Oral B is actually owned by Braun, and in most countries the products are actually marketed as Braun/Oral-B. Any Oral B brush will be a reliable buddy to help you to keep your teeth clean. But you have a choice of brushes, depending on your personal preferences!

For a NORMAL MANUAL toothbrush, I like the Oral B Advantage. It has a nice small head, soft bristles, and a comfortable handle grip. I used to use one myself every day as my regular brush, until I switched to a Braun electric brush.

Although I am comfortable using either a manual brush OR an electric brush, I find that most of my patients DO BETTER with a powered brush such as any Braun/Oral B electric toothbrush.

Remember, I am a dentist, so I know exactly how to brush and floss, and I spend over 10 minutes doing it, morning and night! So I can "get away" with using a manual brush if I feel like it.

I don't have a personal preference; I don't mind which I use, but I'm prepared to spend the time and effort that a manual brush requires, if I happen to be using a manual brush!

However, in my opinion, nearly everyone who isn't a dentist (or a dental hygienist) will do better with a powered brush.  That means an electric toothbrush.

Oral B Tooth Brush

I think that the Oral B Vitality Floss Action tooth brush available through that link at Amazon is a great low-cost brush.

It comes with a small charging unit that also acts as a docking station.

The standard round brush heads that come with this oral b tooth brush work well, but when you come to get replacement heads (you must fit a new brush head every 8 to 10 weeks), I strongly recommend the Oral B Dual Clean heads  also from Amazon.

Toothbrush manufacturers usually recommend changing your brush every 12 weeks. I think that's too long. The bristles start to lose flexibility and do not work as well after a few weeks. Also, you start to get a build-up of bacteria on the brush head.

This toothbrush has been proven to clean your teeth better than a manual brush! In fact, two minutes with an Oral-B Vitality toothbrush can remove as much plaque as 6 minutes with a manual brush. (Unless you're a dentist!)

The brushes come with a 2 minute timer, so you can keep track of how long you have been brushing, and also a soft rubberized ergonomic handle. Remember, I always recommend brushing for LONGER than the basic 2 minutes. I think that 4 or even 6 minutes is MUCH better!

ANY Oral B tooth brush is a good brush. If you prefer a MANUAL brush, and are prepared to spend the time it takes, then the Oral B Advantage is my recommendation.

If you prefer a powered toothbrush such as a Braun/Oral B electric toothbrush, then I recommend the Oral B Vitality Floss Action.

I hope this oral-B tooth brush review has been helpful.

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