What's the Best Dental Floss?

To find the best dental floss, I have spent over 30 years trying out all the different kinds of floss on the market.

I have tried just about every single dental floss available in each of the five countries I have lived in!

In my opinion, I think that the best dental floss comes from Oral B. For the majority of my patients, the Oral B SATIN TAPE is the winner!

However, a new product that we have been trying out since early 2012 might change all that. Look for the link below to Blaque Dental Tape! I really like the Blaque tape, and now feel (in 2017) that it may even be superior to Oral B Satin Tape. The only problem is that Blaque is NOT easily available.

For the small but select group of people who prefer a woven floss, we recommend the Oral B Ultra floss.

But remember, the best floss is the one that YOU find works in YOUR hands. Don't just take our word for it! Ideally you should go out and get several different types of floss, and try them all out for yourself.

Best Dental Floss Candidates

Here's a list of just some of the types of dental floss available, by manufacturer

1. Oral B Floss. Conventional, normal floss, both waxed and unwaxed. This is a good basic floss.

2. Oral B Satin Tape. (waxed). This like a ribbon or tape, and is one of the ones I like the best. Most of our patients seem to get on well with it, too, so it is our winner! Find out more about this floss at Oral B Floss.

You can get Oral B Satin Tape at Amazon.

Oral B Satin Tape

                                 Oral B Satin Tape

3. Blaque Dental Tape. This is a recent entry to the flossing market, and one that I have been testing personally against my other favorites. You can read about my findings at Blaque Dental Tape.

I think it's a great candidate for the title of "Best Dental Floss". In the picture below, you can see that it has a dark, almost black, color!

                                blaque dental tape

4. GUM Expanding Floss - a woven type of floss. This floss appears a little thicker at first, but has a soft texture. If you pull it, it gets thinner! You can read more about the different types of woven dental floss at Woven Dental Floss.

You can get GUM Expanding Floss at Amazon.


5. Oral B Super Floss. This is a special "3-in-1" floss. It comes in individual ready-to-use sections. One end has about 3 inches of stiffening in it. This is ideal for threading the floss under bridges or between teeth.

                                      oral b super floss

The next 8 inches is a frizzy woven section. The final 12 inches or so is normal floss.

This is the only floss I am aware of that has its own built-in threader for bridgework. But if you DON'T have bridgework, use a normal floss or tape.

You can also get Oral B Super Floss at Amazon!


6. Poh dental floss; available in 3 thicknesses. This is one of only two flosses I know of that you can get in BLACK, to contrast with the plaque. I don't know enough about this floss to recommend it. However, the company has just contacted me and is sending me some sample to test, November 2016. I will update this paragraph after I've assessed the new Poh floss!

8. Colgate Total dental floss; a standard dental floss. I actually prefer their Chlorhex Tape, which is a little thicker and has chlorhexidine in it. This helps to slow down the formation of new plaque.


9. Dentek floss; this is made in the "floss pick" style. Not recommended.

10. Reach dental floss. Reach (by Johnson & Johnson) have a range of floss that includes unwaxed and waxed floss, woven floss, and ribbon tape. I quite like the woven floss, called "Gentle Gum Care".

11. Glide dental floss. This is the Oral B Glide floss, although it used to be called Crest Glide floss! Glide floss is made from PTFE (Teflon).


It is really slippery, and "glides" between your teeth easily. I also find that it tends to snap cleanly rather than shred, if you get it stuck. Worth trying if you have really tight teeth!

I hope this review of the different makes of dental floss has been helpful. In the end, the best dental floss is an individual choice. You have to find the one that works best for YOUR teeth.

Hopefully we've pointed you in the right direction! Whatever floss you use, you will be helping to reduce gum disease and therefore the other general medical conditions that are associated with gum disease!