Find Out How Woven Dental Floss is Different

By dentist Dr. Richard Mitchell

Woven dental floss is a type of floss that has the fibers braided or woven together. An example is Oral B Ultra floss. This gives woven or braided floss a different texture and feel to the more widely-known floss or tape.

Braided floss has a softer feel to it, and is more flexible. If you pull it tight, it gets a bit thinner. That textured surface makes it easier to grip around your fingers. It doesn't slip out so much!

This softness is supposed to be more gentle on sensitive gums. The many interwoven fibers also seem to be able to trap more plaque. But I haven't seen any scientific evidence that proves this!

HOWEVER, it is definitely worth your while to use floss of any type. Recent research from 2019 shows a clear link between gum disease and Alzheimers disease.

By reducing inflammation in your gums, you are reducing the risk of gum disease, and therefore reducing your risk of developing Alzheimers! (According to New Scientist, 21/28 December 2019).

So is woven dental floss better than normal floss?

Not necessarily! It depends on how you use it, and how tightly your teeth contact each other.Most of my patients prefer the way a waxed floss or Oral B TAPE slips easily between the teeth. They find that braided floss tends to get stuck in their teeth, becoming shredded.

On the other hand, there ARE some of my patients who like the feel of a woven floss. They find that they can get it to slip between their teeth easily enough, especially if they pull it really tight to get it thinner.

Once they've got it between a couple of teeth, they like the softer feel of the woven floss on the gums, and also say that the woven texture of the braided floss "scrubs" the tooth surface better than normal floss.

Woven floss can be more difficult to find in supermarkets and pharmacies. It IS a bit easier to find online, but this adds the cost of mailing. I find that my patients who like woven floss are quite happy to pay a little more! They usually stock up by ordering 5 or 10 packets at once to minimize the extra postal costs.

woven dental floss

The only way to find out if you like it is to give it a try! You'll need to track it down locally or order it online. Oral B Ultra Floss is usually the easiest to find. Then have a trial run.

Woven dental floss has a very different feel to it compared to conventional floss. You'll either love it or hate it! But it's definitely worth the time and trouble to find out.

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