Tooth Fairy Letters

Helping your child write a tooth fairy letter is one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent! But writing tooth fairy letters means you have to explain to your child WHO and WHAT the tooth fairy is. Your child may say -"BUT WAIT - what or who is the tooth fairy?"


It depends on the country you live in! But here is the basic story for most of the western world. The tooth fairy is a make-believe fairy. The fantasy says that when a child has a baby tooth fall out, they must put it under their pillow, and when they are asleep the tooth fairy will come. And in the morning, the tooth has been replaced by a gift of money, usually a single coin.

Tooth Fairy Letters

Tooth fairy letters can work one of two ways; either the child writes a letter TO the tooth fairy, or, on the other hand, the tooth fairy might write a letter or note to the child.

What sort of tooth fairy letters might a child write?

There are several possible situations;

  • Your child has had a baby tooth fall out, and they want to ask the tooth fairy to exchange it for money.
  • Your child has had a baby tooth fall out, but they have lost the tooth!
  • Your child has had a tooth removed by the dentist.

Letters FROM the Tooth Fairy

  • The main reason the tooth fairy writes a letter is to thank the child for leaving their tooth, and to remind them to brush their other teeth!
  • But sometimes the tooth fairy might write a letter to explain why she cannot leave money for the tooth under the pillow. This is usually because the tooth does not belong to the child concerned - it belongs to a friend or the family pet
  • The tooth is NOT a baby tooth - it is an adult tooth that the dentist had to pull for some reason.

If the tooth fairy does "forget" to come, she may write a letter to explain that she was very busy visiting children on the other side of the world, and couldn't get back in time; but rest assured, she will be back in time the next night!

Here is a photo of a letter that my partners daughter wrote to the tooth fairy many years ago, explaining that she lost the tooth, and asking for double the normal money because it was a double tooth!

tooth fairy letter

Here is what she wrote; "Dear Tooth Fairy, my tooth has fallen out at school but when I came back from school, I went to tell the nextdoorneighbour, and my next door neighbour is my dentist but on the way Alex's drive is all stony and not by perpus, I droped it but please give me £2 pounds because it was a dubble tooth. Love Kerry.

I hope these ideas for tooth fairy letters give you some amusement and some inspiration! Please send me your own examples vis the "Contact Me" page. I'd love to publish lots more letters from kids all around the world!