Get the Correct Sonicare
Replacement Brushes and Heads

By dentist Dr. Richard Mitchell

Which One Do You Need?

Sonicare replacement brushes are different from all other electric toothbrush heads, so you have to make sure you are getting genuine Sonicare brush heads.

You also have to check that you are getting the correct type of Sonicare replacement brushes for your particular model of Phillips Sonicare toothbrush. It sounds a bit confusing, but don't worry. I'll explain what you should look for!

In the Sonicare range, there are basically FOUR types of replacement brushes.

First type. The older type of screw-on head. This is called the "e-series" head, and will fit the Essence model and the Xtreme e3000 model. These tooth brushes are the economy versions in the Sonicare range from Phillips.

Second type. The newer "snap-on" head, called the "ProResults" brush head. This will fit the FlexCare and the HealthyWhite models.

Third type. Replacement brushes for the Sonicare For Kids toothbrush are different again; they come in 2 versions, for ages 4+ and 7+. These brush heads have a rubberized neck to help reduce "clattering" on the teeth, and the bristles are colorless.

Fourth type. Finally, if you have the more recent DiamondClean Philips Sonicare toothbrush, you will need the special DiamondClean heads. No other Sonicare replacement brushes will fit the DiamondClean!

Sonicare Replacement Brushes

Which size of sonicare brush heads?

The e-series, ProResults and DiamondClean types of sonicare replacement brushes are available in standard size and mini (or "compact").

The actual bristles on all these brush heads are very similar. The heads work in pretty much the same way as each other. This means that there isn't a "best" brush head. So don't worry that (for example) the e-series heads won't work as well as the ProResults heads!

The REAL difference is in how the brush head fits to the body of the tooth brush. Both the e-series "screw-on" head and the ProResults "snap-on" head are great brushes!

Whichever brush you have, I recommend the mini or "compact" size for EVERYONE. The smaller size may mean that it takes a little longer to get round all your teeth (remember, ignore the 2-minute timer - it's too short!), but the smaller head will get into the little nooks and crannies between your teeth MUCH BETTER.

The ProResults brush heads are slightly cheaper than the e-series brushes, but the price difference is not big. Over a year or so, it may help to offset the higher initial cost of the models that need the ProResults heads, but not by much.

The important thing is to get the correct brush head for your particular Sonicare model! A ProResults brush head will NOT fit a Sonicare Essence, for example!

Don't forget, Sonicare brush heads should be replaced EVERY 3 MONTHS at the latest. Personally, I change mine every 6 weeks! I feel that the bristles start to lose some elasticity around this time, and I am also concerned about a gradual build-up of bacteria on the brush head.

The e-series brush heads are widely available, although the pricing can vary a bit from place to place! You can usually find the best prices online, for example at

The ProResults Sonicare brush heads are also generally widely available, and are a little cheaper than the e-series heads. Again, the best prices are usually found online at Amazon.

The standard size DiamondClean replacement brushes have been available from August 2011 onwards, and come in a pack of 3 brushes. However, I recommend the COMPACT size DiamondClean replacement brush heads, once again best bought from Amazon.

Just remember to get the correct Sonicare replacement brushes for your particular model, and to get the MINI sized (or "compact") Sonicare brush heads where possible!

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