Got a problem with toothache?
Do you really need to see a dentist?

By dentist Dr. Richard Mitchell


The Ultimate E-Book about Toothache

Understand the cause of your toothache, and your possible options including home remedies!

toothache survival guideThe Toothache Survival Guide
  • Have you had toothache and didn't know what to do?
  • Or do you have a niggling problem that comes and goes, only to return again?
  • Not sure if you need to pay to see a dentist?
  • Don’t you hate it when you get a dental problem when you’re away from home?
  • Do you wish you could understand your dentist's explanations better?
  • Or did you go to see a dentist, only to find out you didn't really need to?


I know how you feel! I recently had a really bad toothache myself, and ended up needing a root canal. For this dental problem I DID need to see a dentist. But as a dentist myself I know that there are many situations that can be fixed at home.

"What a useful guide to toothaches! Thanks for taking what could easily have been a complex topic and narrowing it down to simple 'layman' explanations with immediately actionable advice. I now feel confident that I know exactly how to assess the severity of a toothache and what should be done about it - something that was a complete mystery to me until two hours ago! Thanks Richard for putting together such a useful guide that masterfully dispels much of the fear and uncertainty around this topic that comes from not knowing. I don't remember the last time I spent so little on 'my teeth' and gained so much!"

Eli Landa, Canada


"I work as a nurse in the UK - toothache was driving me mad and I couldn't get the time from work to see my dentist! Dr Mitchell's home remedies were a life saver and got me through my long shifts till I could get to the dentist. Highly recommend this e-book as a great reference tool."

Kerry, Bristol, UK

  • What if you knew the cause of your toothache?
  • Don't you wish you knew some home remedies for dental problems?
  • Imagine knowing the difference between needing a dentist, or when you can do something at home?
  • How would you like to save time and money?

Here is my new 80 page e-book:

The Toothache Survival Guide

All about the things that can cause toothache, swollen gums and infections around teeth. The possible causes of your dental problems are laid out in a clear and concise format, with solutions and treatments for each problem, including home remedies that I recommend.

You will need this e-book if you want to learn all about the reasons for toothache, from the simplest problem that will settle down on its own, all the way through to root canal treatment and wisdom tooth infection.

And everything in between!

You will find out why a tooth can hurt in the first place, and the many things that can make a tooth become painful. In my step-by-step guide I explain what you can do at home to help with toothache.

You will discover how to recognize when a tooth problem is NOT going to settle down by itself, and when you MUST see a dentist.

This e-book has 80 pages chock full of valuable information based on the most frequent questions that my patients have asked me over thirty years working as a dentist in general dental practice.

I have boiled down my knowledge into an easy-to-read format, so that you can understand your problem quickly and easily, and find out about possible home remedies for each problem. I have also added extra information not found on my website.

Here’s a list of other topics in the e-book

  • Home remedies for toothache - try these cheap and easy solutions.
  • How to get a painless shot that gets you numb every time.
  • How to save a dead tooth.
  • My complete guide to root canal procedures - what to expect, why some fail.
  • Alternatives to root canal.
  • Swollen gums, including tooth infections and the best antibiotics.
  • Getting a tooth extracted - how to minimise the risk of a problem afterwards.
  • Pain after tooth extraction - home remedies for a dry socket.
  • Dental implant infection - what to do.

"I'm so pleased I bought this book. I tried to ignore my toothache for ages but needed a root canal. I'm terrified of the dentist but this book explains everything and I finally had the courage to go. I also showed my dentist the chapter on how to give a painless shot - he was so impressed he's now bought the book too!!!"

Karen, Miami, Fla.

This e-book can save you BIG DOLLARS in dentist visits by helping you understand when you DON'T need to go see a dentist - when you can treat your dental problem yourself at home. And when you DO have to go see a dentist, you’ll understand exactly what is going on.

Your dentist will be super impressed with your dental knowledge!

  •  "How To Get A Celebrity Smile" is NOT available anywhere else.
  • Special bonus report for buyers of The Toothache Survival Guide.
  • Learn how to make the most of your smile.
  • These are tips that you won’t find anywhere else!

Why an e-guide?

How is it different from normal books?

  • The biggest advantage of an e-guide is the instant delivery. There is no packaging and shipping to pay for, AND no waiting time.
  • You can download the book and start reading straightaway!
  • Producing hard copy books takes a long time. The information in dental books is usually at least one year old (when they are brand new), often much older. But this e-guide is updated all the time.
  • When I become aware of something new, I update the e-book immediately.
  • You will always get the most up-to-date version on the day you buy the e-book.

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