The Phillips Sonicare FlexCare - A Dentist's Review

How Does It Stack Up?

The Phillips Sonicare FlexCare and FlexCare Plus were the top-of-the-line toothbrushes in the Philips Sonicare range, until the introduction of the DiamondClean in early 2011. But they are still the most advanced models from Sonicare, excepting the DiamondClean.

The basic Phillips Sonicare FlexCare is also called the R910, and the Plus version is called the RS930.

The two FlexCare brushes are identical apart from a few small details: The Plus comes with an ultra-violet Sanitizer, built in to the charging base station. It also comes with a spare brush head, compact size.

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Phillips Sonicare Flexcare

The FlexCare brushes both have three cleaning modes;

1. "Clean" - this is the normal Full Power setting.

2. "Sensitive" - this is a reduced power setting for people with sensitive gums or teeth.

3. "Massage" - this is an even lower power setting, for a gentle massage of the gums!

Just to confuse the issue further, there is a choice of 2 cleaning routines;

1. Go Care routine, where the brush runs in the Clean mode for 1 minute.

2. Max Care routine, where the brush runs in Clean mode for 30 seconds, followed by Massage mode for 15 seconds; this cycle is repeated another 3 times, so that each corner of your mouth gets the full routine. The total time here is 3 minutes!

phillips sonicare flexcare

Confused? !

It's actually a lot simpler than it looks!

Both these versions of sonic care toothbrush are designed to use the latest replacement Sonicare ProResults brush heads.

You can read more about the correct replacement brush heads at the sonicare replacement brushes page.

To see the best prices for replacement brush heads at, click here. (Remember, I always recommend the smallest size available!).

On a positive note, the Sonicare FlexCare handles are about 20% smaller and lighter than the standard Sonicare brushes, and also have less than half the vibration and noise!

Standard features include Easy Start, (which starts off on a low power setting, and gradually increases the power over each of the next 14 uses, to introduce new Sonicare users gradually to the "Buzz"), the 2 minute SmartTimer, and the QuadPacer interval indicator. They also come with a multi-voltage compact travel charger.

What's my opinion? I think some people (like me!) may get a little confused by all the options. Overall, both brushes are great, due to the smaller size and weight than the other Sonicare brushes. The Sanitizer feature of the FlexCare Plus is quite useful. Read more at the page here.

Otherwise, if you are happy with the slightly simpler design and slightly lower price of the standard Sonicare FlexCare, it is also an excellent choice. Here's the link for more information at Amazon.

I can't really pick which one is "best", because they can both clean your teeth as well as the other. The difference is really in the packaging.

My recommendation for both versions of sonic care toothbrush would be to just use the "Clean" setting, and go for 6 to 8 minutes of gentle brushing around ALL the gum edges. I think that 2 minutes as indicated by the SmartTimer is a little short.

Also, if you are not using this sonic care toothbrush on the normal "Clean" setting, you are not using the full power of the brush, and are not really getting the full benefits of the patented Sonicare technology.

While it is perfectly OK to use one of the lower power settings from time to time, I feel that 90% of your brushing should be on full power!

Otherwise, I think that the Phillips Sonicare FlexCare is a great electric toothbrush!

If you're interested in the ultimate electric toothbrush, look at my review of the Sonicare DiamondClean at the Philips Sonicare toothbrush page.

You may also be interested in the sonicare replacement brushes page.

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