My Complete Denture Guide

Welcome to my Complete Denture Guide! This guide tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about dentures. Every type of denture, including full dentures, part dentures, cobalt-chrome dentures, and also implant-borne dentures.

Whatever you need to know about any aspect of your denture, you will find the answer in my Complete Denture Guide.

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My Complete Denture Guide

Here are some of the topics that I deal with in the Guide:

  • The different types of dentures
  • "Before and after" photos of dentures
  • Pictures of dentures
  • Dental Flipper
  • Chrome Cobalt upper dentures
  • Temporary dentures
  • One Day dentures
  • Make Your Own dentures
  • How to clean dentures correctly
  • Ultrasonic denture cleaners
  • How to whiten your dentures
  • Denture reline kits
  • Denture Pain
  • BEST denture adhesive
  • Implant dentures
  • Denture Prices

You may be new to dentures and wondering what is in store for you, or you may have had dentures for years. Or maybe somewhere inbetween! Whatever your situation, my unique guide tells you how you can get the BEST out of your dentures.

Even if your denture is merely a stop-gap or interim solution on the way to a bridge or dental implant, you will find out how to get the maximum result with what you have at this point.

Here's what top cosmetic dentist Dr. Lorin Berland DDS of Dallas, Tx. had to say when I sent him a copy of my guide;

"Wow! Your denture e-book is extremely comprehensive. I don't think I've ever seen dentures presented in such a straightforward manner that is so easy to follow.

I agree with you - this e book addresses the needs of a lot of people. Dentures have become the neglected step children of dentistry. And that is sad. This- e book is a step in the right direction."

For ANY type of denture question, you WILL find the answer in my ALL NEW Complete Denture Guide, for ONLY $9.95! This is to cover production and delivery costs.

But wait, there’s more:

When you buy this e-book you will ALSO receive my FREE six page report on

"How To Get A Celebrity Smile!"

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  • Special bonus report for buyers of The Complete Denture Guide
  • Learn how to make the most of your smile.
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A 100% unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.

If you feel that The Complete Denture Guide is not appropriate or suitable for you anytime within thirty days of buying it, or not worth $9.95, just let me know and you'll get your money back within 48 hours.

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Why an e-guide? How is it different from normal books?

  • The biggest advantage of an e-guide is the instant delivery. There is no packaging and shipping to pay for, AND no waiting time.
  • You can download the book and start reading straightaway!
  • Producing hard copy books takes a long time. The information in dental books is usually at least one year old (when they are brand new), often much older.
  • But this e-guide is updated all the time.
  • When I become aware of something new, I update the e-book immediately.
  • You will always get the most up-to-date version on the day you buy the e-book.

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