The Cybersonic Sonic Care Toothbrush - A Dentist's Opinion

The Cybersonic sonic care toothbrush is an interesting design of sonic brush. It's the third version of a unique brushing system designed by a dentist and developed by his small company, Amden Corporation, after 17 years of research.

The Cybersonic is my everyday brush. I've found it to be very effective; the brush action is smooth, and it feels like my gums are being gently massaged, more than with other electric toothbrushes I've tried.

Here are the things that I particularly like about this sonic care toothbrush:

Performance. My Cybersonic whizzes around my teeth pretty quickly, getting them nice and clean.

This sonic tooth brush vibrates the bristle tips faster than other top (ie. more expensive) sonic brushes.

The best sonic care toothbrushes, such as the Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean, have a tip vibration of around 31,000 times per minute. The Cybersonic  vibrates 48,000 times per minute. At that speed, it's very effective! This really is a "sonic" care toothbrush.

Sonic Care Toothbrush - The Cybersonic

The vibration speed is important because as the bristle tips vibrate, they create tiny bubbles within the liquid.

These microscopic bubbles appear and collapse in tiny fractions of a second. As they collapse, they release a small burst of energy. (This is called "cavitation").

And the faster the tips vibrate, the smaller the tiny bubbles. And the smaller the bubbles, the more they get into the microscopic nooks and crannies where bad bacteria stick to your teeth.

The result? I have found that it works very well at getting my teeth clean.

In addition, this brush makes use of another principle called harmonic resonance. You know the way a tuning fork or expensive wineglass has a very clear ring when you tap it, that seems to last a long time?

That's harmonic resonance! The Cybersonic brush has brush heads that are designed to resonate at the same frequency as the powered vibration; 48,000 times per minute. This ingenious idea boosts the effectiveness of plaque removal.

Extra attachments. As well as the standard size head (which I think is the best), my Cybersonic  came with an electric flosser and a tongue cleaner that both plug onto the Cybersonic handle. The tongue cleaner works very well, and the flossing tool works like the Oral B Hummingbird, although the Oral B device is much smaller.

Price.  Although this brush is normally marked to retail at a little under $100, you can get a great deal at Amazon. Click on the link below to get this great brush!

Cybersonic 3 Toothbrush

However, there are also 2 things about the Cybersonic that I actually ignore:

First, the 30-second timer. I tell my patients that no matter what brush they're using, even a sonic care toothbrush, they need to spend at least 10 seconds on each tooth.

Second, I don't like the bigger-sized Deluxe brush head. I think it's too big! I worry that both this and the 30 second timer may encourage some folks to spend a shorter period of time brushing. In my experience, I would recommend the normal Standard brush head to get the best results.

All in all, in the time I've been using my Cybersonic sonic care toothbrush, I've been very pleased with how it works. It's my recommended brush due to great performance at a great price!