Make Your Own Dentures - One Way Of Getting Cheap Dentures?

The adverts for "make your own dentures" might sound a bit like "how to take out your own tooth" or "do-it-yourself eye tests". Taken literally, it would be just about impossible for someone without any dental training to make their own dentures, all on their own.

It's quite a complicated process to get right, and the tools and equipment you need would cost more than just getting a set of teeth made by a dental professional!

BUT in the United States it IS possible to do some of the work yourself at home! The tricky bits are done by a dental laboratory, and they send you the finished dentures by mail!


             Make your own dentures

How does this work? One company specializing in this type of work is Denture.com. They have been doing this since 2001, and now have plenty of experience. First, you have to go to their website (www.denture.com) and select the type of job you want - a part denture, a full denture, or a full set (upper and lower).

Then Denture.com will send you a kit by mail. This contains all the things you need to make your own moulds. It comes with written instructions and a video to help you along.

You get to tell them how you want the front teeth to look, and also pick the color of the teeth. These days, more folks are picking the lighter colors that give the appearance of having had tooth whitening! Once you are done, you send everything back.

Next, you get a "trial run" of your new teeth. These are wax dentures that you can put in your mouth and see how they look. You can check to see if:

  • the front teeth are too long or too short
  • you can bite comfortably
  • and how that color you selected looks!

Again, once you are done, you pack them up and send them back.

Finally, you get your finished dentures a week or so later. Denture.com guarantees their work.

What are the advantages of doing things this way? By doing some of the work yourself, you can reduce the cost of new dentures by around 50%. A full set of upper and lower teeth costs around $900. Also, you can do this no matter where you live. If you have access to the U.S. mail service, you can use denture.com!

It may be possible to get new dentures more cheaply if you are able to attend an office belonging to certain dental groups, such as Affordable Dentures. But you can only do this if there is an office near you.

I would like to make it perfectly clear that I have ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION whatsoever with denture.com NOR with Affordable Dentures. I have written about them because I believe that they offer services that are of value to a number of people.

So, how does that phrase "make your own dentures" sound now? Maybe not quite so odd as before! It may not be for everyone, but a dentures-by-mail service is definitely worth looking at if you are searching for inexpensive dentures, and live outside the big towns and cities.

For some more information about making dentures, visit one day dentures