All about Astra Dental Implants, from AstraTech in Sweden

Here's what I have learned about them!

Astra dental implants are among the best in the world.

They are made by swedish company AstraTech, part of the big AstraZeneca group.

AstraTech produced its first dental implants in 1985, over 25 years ago! Astra was originally a pharmaceutical group. They documented all their research to pharmaceutical industry standards.

No other firm did this at that time. This means that AstraTech now has the longest, best documented research for dental implants of any company in the world.

What does this mean for YOU?

It means that you can be confident about the quality of the implant you are getting.

With over 25 years of research and experience, Astra implants are extremely safe and long-lasting. They have a success rate of 98% to 100%, higher than any other company. AND they have the documented research to prove it!

Astra Dental Implants from AstraTech

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Like a lot of dental implant companies, Astra offers training to dentists in how to use their products. I went to one of their courses in Gothenberg, Sweden in 2006. I was very impressed with the quality of the training, and of the implants themselves!

astra dental implants

Astra has done a LOT of research into dental implant design. They have come up with a number of innovations and hold a lot of patents to do with implant design. Some of these have improved the speed at which implants heal.

This has to do with a special coating that is applied to the surface of the implant, called OsseoSpeed.

Other innovations help prevent the gum and bone from shrinking around the implant. These involve the precise angle and depth of the screw threads at the top of the implant. This feature is called the MicroThread design.

Each Astra dental implant costs several hundred dollars each. They are packed in special sterile packaging, and need several items of surgical equipment to place them correctly in the jaw bone. Plus the skill and training of the dental surgeon!
Dental implant surgery is really a branch of orthopaedic surgery.

Overall, AstraTech implants are a true quality product with bucketloads of powerful research behind them. If your dentist is using Astra implants, you know you're getting the best! Here is a link to the AstraTech page of the global supplier, Dentsply; AstraTech

I'd have to warn you though - the dental implant market is fiercely competitive. If your dentist is using a different brand of implant, it doesn't necessarily mean you're getting worse quality.