Dr Mitchell's Dental Health Advice

Me in my dental practiceWhen you have a dental problem, reliable dental health advice can be hard to find.

Which websites can you trust? Who wrote them?

Often the dental qualifications of the writer aren't obvious. And sadly, I've come across many sources giving dental health advice that's just plain wrong.

I can say this in all truth... because I'm a dentist myself!

My name is Dr Richard Mitchell. I've been a dentist since 1979, working in the United Kingdom, Barbados, Germany, Australia and Spain. Click here for more about me...

Dental Health Advice from a dentist!

I've written this website to give honest and reliable dental advice that doesn't depend on you being a patient of ours. I also want to explain my knowledge as simply as I can... what better way than online?

I've tried to cover all the questions that my patients frequently ask me. I have found that people are generally interested in just 3 things when it comes to teeth:

  • They want their teeth to look nice
  • They want to be able to chew comfortably and effectively
  • They want any dental treatment they may need to be painless.

Actually, there's a 4th one too!

  • They don't want dental treatment to be too expensive!

I have two e-books that give extensive and detailed information on two topics - The Toothache Survival Guide AND The Complete Denture Guide. Both e-books are on offer at just $9.99 each! AND you get my two secret reports on "How To Find A Great Dentist" and "How To Get A Celebrity Smile".

MY NEWEST REVIEW is a test of the Braun Oral B Electric Toothbrush. Read all about it!

Quite a few people are terrified of the thought of visiting a dentist - here's a link to my page about Dental Phobia for nervous patients and those with a dental phobia. There's information about how to deal with a dental phobia, options for treatment, and links to dental hypnosis downloads!

A lot of people contact me for advice about pain and swelling after getting a tooth extracted or having a dental implant put in. So my latest page gives some information about the various types of Jaw Bone Infection. I hope it proves to be of some help to those folks seeking information about infections of the jaw bones.

I have also just started a section on Lyme Disease after I discovered that jaw bone pain and tooth pain can be a side effect! This is also featured in My latest Newsletter, April 2017. All the latest news!

I've ALSO written about things that affect how your teeth LOOK, (cosmetic dentistry), such as tooth whitening AND cosmetic veneers.


I've also written about things that can cause problems with chewing, such as dental infections and wisdom teeth.

There are also pages about all about dentures, migraine headaches, and mercury-amalgam fillings.

If you look at the Navigation Menu on the left side of this screen, you will find the main areas that I have divided the website into. If you can't find what you are looking for, just use the Search box at the top of the page!

I am here to give you the straight and honest information that you need to make the best decisions about your dental health. Advice that is free!

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I've also covered other topics, such as:

  • How to choose the best toothbrush
  • How to brush your teeth and gums properly
  • About the most cost-effective teeth whitener
  • How to get a painless shot
  • All about root canal treatment (and why it doesn't have to hurt...)
  • What a dead tooth is
  • How to decide on an implant or a bridge to replace a missing tooth

And much more!

I also try to write a Newsletter every three months, although at times I'm a bit late with this. You can catch up on my previous Newsletters at my Newsletter Library.

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I hope you can find the answers to your dental questions here,


If you have any questions, don't be shy! Just contact me and I'll get back to you with an answer. BUT please remember that I CANNOT comment on your own individual clinical problems. Your own dentist has your full dental history, your X-rays, and can look in your mouth. It is impossible for me to do any better! I can't do dentistry by Fedex! However, any questions of a general nature are welcome.